Empowering Individuals

With 360 Feedback Pro, there's no need to wait for your manager or HR representative to have time to send out requests for 360° Feedback. Take control of your career by removing your reliance on annual performance reviews to know how you are performing. With just a few clicks, you can receive feedback whenever you want.

Anonymous Responses

We make the responses to your 360 Feedback survey anonymous so that your peers feel free to provide truthful answers. In business, things that should be said often aren't because people are afraid of conflict or the position someone holds in the company. With anonymous feedback, you can get truthful feedback about how you are performing, according to your peers.

Qualitative Feedback

Charts and graphs are great, but the people giving you feedback don't measure traits on the same scale. That means that the data you are getting back doesn't tell you anything useful. Our 360 feedback software cuts to the bottom line so you can get the information you need to take your performance to the next level!

Why 360 Feedback Pro?

We believe that 360 Degree Feedback is an essential tool in business. Constructive feedback isn't merely about finding out what people think of you. It enables you to gather information about what your strengths and opportunities for improvement are. 360° feedback is not about being shamed by your peers; it's about getting to the bottom of any underlying problems so that you can operate at the highest levels of performance!

Each person you request feedback from will be asked 3 questions to get actionable feedback from them.

1. What do you excel at and what are your strengths?

2. What areas could you improve on?

3. What one thing should you start or stop doing to be more effective?


We follow a simple pricing guide for personal plans. For corporate or more flexible plans for your business, please fill out the form below to get more information.

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Personal Plan

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Pay just $2.99 for each review you want to send. There is no limit on the amount of contacts that you can request to complete a review!

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