For Business or Personal Reasons, We Have a Plan for You

Business Plans

When you choose a business plan, you can choose a set number of users.

You have the option of 20, 60, or 100 users. Or, if these numbers don't fit your needs, you can add additional users for a fee of $2.25 per additional user.

Your business plan can start at $50.00 per month! 

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Personal Plan

If you own your own business and you are the only employee, this would be a great plan for you.

You can pay per review and receive as many reviews as you'd like. 

Reviews start at $2.99 per review.

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360° Feedback Will Help You Grow

Anonymous Feedback

Feedback can often be sugar-coated or based on personal biases.

If one employee knows that their name will be attached to the review, they may just offer compliments. Employees may hold back their true thoughts to avoid confrontation with coworkers.

Anonymous feedback allows your staff to offer constructive criticism without feeling like it will cause conflict.

Feedback Is Qualitative

While charts and graphs can be helpful, they aren't enough to truly measure employee performance and improvement.

This is because many people evaluate based on a different scale. When it comes to you or your employees' performance, a more specific method is needed. 360° Feedback starts at the base of performance and offers a detailed review for improvement.

What Makes 360° Feedback Unique?

It takes honest and constructive criticism to improve, which is why we made it so easy to get.

Improving Where it Counts

360 feedback software is meant to provide feedback solely about employee work performance. The better the employee can understand what they need to improve in their work, the better the company will run as a whole.

Growth You Can See

Honest and constructive feedback will pave the way for promotions, advancements, and other job opportunities for you and your employees!

Why You Should Trust 360° Feedback

All too often performance evaluations, reviews, or other feedback in the workplace is a matter of personal opinion.

We understand that having someone's personal opinion bleed into your professional evaluation can cause confusion about where you should improve. This is why 360° Feedback focuses on your professional self.

When you learn about your professional strengths and weaknesses, you can re-frame the way you work to advance in your field. Working on weaknesses and using your strengths as guidance will give you or your employees the push you've been looking for.

The point of 360 feedback software is not to promote peer-shaming but to use constructive criticism to grow as an employee and company.

Start Getting Honest Feedback Today

If you're ready to excel in your field with honest and quality feedback, start using 360° Feedback today.

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