How it Works

Setting up your own 360 degree feedback request only takes 4 simple steps. It is the starting point for you get to valuable feedback both on a professional and personal level. Feedback allows you to continuously improve both on a personal and professional level. 360 Feedback Pro makes this even easier with a simple setup process to start getting your feedback!


Step 1: Create a Survey

Create A Survey

Create a new feedback review and give it a name so youc an keep track of it.


Step 2: Add You Contacts

Add Your Contacts

Add contacts to the request that you would like to have provide you with feedback!


Step 3: Wait for your contacts to provide feedback.

Get Feedback

We'll send an email to your contacts requesting feedback and you can share your feedback link with anyone. All responses will be anonymous!


Step 4: Analyze your feedback!

Get Your Results

View feedback that your contacts have provided. You'll be able to review responses to each question. Process these questions, reflect, and then make a plan to move forward!

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